Ciputra: Brand Vietnam, world class

Ciputra is a brand of luxury housing UDIC corporations, but with Ciputra urban area project, has risen to a new level – International Class.

International Quality Gadgets

With the aim of developing into a green community, prosperity and sustainable, Ciputra urban area invested adequately in infrastructure, transport networks, education system, health care and commercial services trade, tourism and recreation. Besides, the existing utility system of Ciputra urban area include: International Schools, supermarkets, swimming pool, gym, golf course, golf Tenis … ..duoc system tailored in each zone area residents help practicing sports. You can also jog around the footpaths in main urban areas to cool and the trees bloom in each season.

All utilities in Ciputra urban area are heavily invested with the most modern equipment, facilities not currently the most advanced, 5 star standards, international quality.

Project for foreigners

If the real estate projects previously senior investor clients mainly Vietnam, there are very few foreign investors interested in this project by the quality and design are not doing comedy, then Condominium projects Ciputra, foreign investors have participated and invested race with Vietnam investors.

This is an assertion of superiority apartments Ciputra

Each design in Ciputra apartments are a little hard, every detail meticulously by hand, creativity of leading architects, ensuring housing space is not only beautiful, but also elegance, class , closeness to nature, giving guests the feeling of being right in the resort away from the home.

The equipment in each apartment Ciputra are imported from abroad, to ensure the comfort, modern per house, meet the most demanding requirements of utility, the living space of the water in addition, raising the value of life residents to a whole new level.

When customers choose to rent apartments Ciputra Hanoi. Guest will enjoy all services that urban utilities brought to the international standards.