Goldmark City apartment project with the current time the most popular apartment project is the Goldmark City apartment. This project not only owns a prime location in the heart of the city, with a utility system that surpasses any other apartment building that owns the most luxurious apartments in the capital.

So how are the luxury apartments here are designed and how much is the rent now? Let’s take a little time to find out!


Goldmark City Apartment is located at 136 Ho Tung Mau – one of the prime locations of Hanoi Capital, the most dynamic and crowded administrative and economic center of the capital in the future. From the location of the project, just a few tens of minutes drive, residents can easily reach Noi Bai International Airport and exciting destinations, the most beautiful north of the future connected city located very close. Metro 3 Metro Station – the most modern and intelligent transportation system.

Not only are there benefits to the project that residents rent apartments in Goldmark City. There is also the opportunity to experience the luxury facilities and services provided by investors in the apartment to improve the quality of life for everyone.

Specifically: large commercial center; indoor and outdoor playgrounds for children; 4 season swimming pool and outdoor swimming pool; Gym, spa; library….

Especially, the project will bring to its beloved residents a healthy, sustainable and natural environment with the greenery system surrounding the project together with the walking paths, the green garden is the place Ideal for vacation, outdoor parties.


Goldmark City apartments are distributed in 2 blocks A and B with 9 40-storey towers with a total of 5000 apartments with an area of ​​68 – 161m2 with 2 to 4 bedrooms, suitable for demand. the use of the household.

Block A Golmark City consists of four 40-storey towers. Part of the first floor of the three blocks will be used as kindergarten, ensuring the convenience of picking up the children and the peace of mind of the parents. In the remaining block will spend 4 floors to serve commercial and office.

Currently, luxury apartments in the capital are being rented at very high prices. Therefore, many customers worry about the quality apartments for rent Goldmark City

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Phòng khách hiện đại sang trọng