Eye-catching concept of Vinhomes Gardenia’s apartment

Strongly invested from the utility system to the apartment design, the landscape, although launched in early 2016 Vinhomes Gardenia has caused fever in the real estate market.

Vinhomes Gardenia’s apartment is designed in a modern style with open space, the apartment is divided into separate functional space but with flexible connection with each other.

The living room of Vinhomes Gardenia is designed in silver color to create luxurious and delicate space. Wooden floor is the current trend of construction is used by investors to bring a sense of closeness, friendly with nature.

Living room furniture is fully equipped with equipment imported from the world famous brands to provide a living space class. The ceiling air conditioner design meets the standard of maximizing the living space, especially the living room has a balcony, from which guests can enjoy the panoramic view of the city or the view of Ham Nghi street, overlooking the view. The outdoor swimming pool is an impressive artifact like a bloated western blossom with exquisite designs from professional architects.

Picture of living room of Vinhomes Gardenia’s apartment

Master bedroom is the master bedroom, which is also a function room that shows the owner’s personal style and aesthetics. Master bedroom is preferred in terms of area and also owns the most beautiful location of the apartment. The equipment is designed very comfortably, the extra space such as separate dressing area, separate bathroom, a separate relaxation area … especially balcony view the whole project and cover the whole scene. It gives the space to rest properly for the owner.

Picture master bedroom

Small bedroom for girls designed very characteristic, expressing the gentle and romantic. Pink is the main color in the design of this bedroom, the cabinets are designed to bring sophistication and convenience. Especially in the bedroom there is space for learning, entertainment and creative space for the baby.

Pictures bedroom girl

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Contrary to the design of bedroom girls, boys bedroom express the strong, creative deeper. All of the bedrooms in the bedroom show the edge, the color used is also a strange feeling. Boys bedroom is also designed with full of space to bring the most convenience.

Pictures bedroom boys

According to Vietnamese living concept, the kitchen is the most obvious expression of the warmth of the family, so the kitchen is always focused on design investors. In the kitchen of the apartment Vinhomes Gardenia, the furniture is fully equipped with sinks, wardrobes, magnetic kitchen, hood … all imported from the famous furniture. and prestige. Moreover, the kitchen has a lot of space for the homeowners, which few of them have.

Throughout the design style of the apartment in Vinhomes Gardenia is the luxury, sophistication expresses high creativity. The apartments are no longer a simple place to stay, where to rest and reunite after a tiring and stressful working day which is also an ideal destination for family members. Apartment in Vinhomes Gardenia is no longer just a place to live but now has become a place to live, looking forward to every day of the residents.

Model apartment in Vinhomes Gardenia My Dinh is coming out officially. Customers interested or want to visit the contact form to contact us as soon as possible via www.alphahousing.vn