Special features of the Discovery Complex

Possesses good geographic location
Discovery Complex has attracted the market from the strength of its prime location at 302 Cau Giay Street, adjacent to Tran Dang Ninh Street and Chua Ha Street, Discovery Complex has beautiful location in the area. center of Cau Giay district.

The first aerial railway in Hanoi directly connects the 7th Station from various points in the city to the second floor of the commercial center of the building. With convenient transportation, the Discovery Complex can easily connect to a wide range of social infrastructure facilities surrounding the project with just 500m to the US International Hospital and close to a number of hospitals: Hospital E , Hanoi Children’s Hospital, Central Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

3km to Metro supermarket and My Dinh stadium and 3km to Big C supermarket, National Convention Center. The Garden, Keangnam … Near green parks: Nghia Do Park, Yen Hoa Park, Thu Le Park.

Large scale
Discovery Complex with 25 876 m2 of trading center, 93 320 m2 of office space, on a land area of 10 158.5 m2, complex of commercial center – Apartment – Office for lease at 302 bridges. Paper is the highest and largest scale Cau Giay district up to the present time.

The complex consists of 8 floors of commercial center, 45 floors of high-end apartments, 36 floors of offices for lease along with greenery floors and amenities such as: Indoor & outdoor swimming pools, Spa & Massage, Center sports, health care, … Discovery Complex is the place, the ideal living place for dynamic, successful residents.

Full service facility
In order to create a closed life cycle that saves time for residents, it can be said Discovery Complex is a perfect combination because within the project fully integrated the facilities that the residents living here It should be like: 6 basements for parking, 4 large swimming pools,

The floor of the tree combines Cafe View City on the high, shopping center with 8 storeys commercial center of thousands of m2 integrated consumer supermarket, the world famous fashion brand, movie center , high-class entertainment area, swimming pool, sports area … to create an ideal place to bring international level …

Apartment design science
The apartments at Discovery Complex are designed with a variety of different areas ranging from 02 to 04 bedrooms. Intelligent design helps optimize all areas of the apartment to create a spacious living space.

In addition, the apartments are designed with open air, window system to take advantage of natural light to save energy to create a feeling of living space cool, harmony in nature.

Possessing a lot of special features so that although the time has drifted attraction of the apartment to customers has not changed. If you and your family are looking for a place to settle, do not miss this destination. Please contact Alpha Housing for a detailed consultation on the Discovery Complex apartment for rent – quick procedure

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Compare the difference between Discovery Complex and Keangnam Tower

The difference of the high-end apartment rental in Hanoi that customers need attention

Location of the project

Discovery Complex is located at 302 Cau Giay – Dich Vong Ward – Cau Giay District – Hanoi, on Cau Giay Road and Chua Ha Street in the west of Hanoi.

The project is located in a convenient location, where many central offices and administrative offices of Hanoi City are located.

Comparison of utility services

Discovery Complex

Beauty salon
Dining area
Discovery Complex condominium is converging all the most prominent features with the prime location, the building has modern facilities, perfect apartment design-friendly with the environment to create a “home” green”. A perfect living space with outstanding facilities to affirm “class & luxurious lifestyle”. Each day with the Discovery Complex is a place for you to enjoy the “Discover the summit of life” and enjoy the full joy every day. Customers of Apartment Discovery Complex Cau Giay to enjoy life full of modern conveniences.

Keangnam Tower

– Sports center with gym, tennis court, badminton court, table tennis, swimming pool, indoor climbing wall.

– Children’s playground and gifted classrooms

– Landscaped gardens, gardens on high

Parkson Shopping, Dining, Luxury Shopping Center on the 1-5 floor of the building

Lotte Cinema at 6th floor

– Hong Ngoc General Hospital at B1 floor

phòng gym Chung cư Mỹ Đình Pearl Thăng Long

So we can see the apartment Discovery Complex building together with Keangnam Building and Lotte Tower Building are known as the 3 giants in Hanoi, with the number of floors of 54, 70 and 65 respectively. This is the construction of TCI Group Kinh Thanh , with the hope of creating “the highlight of Cau Giay district”. With the idea of two towers symbolizing the two candles, the night light spreads, plus the meticulous care, certainly Discovery Complex will be the project attracted much attention from customers as well as gender. invest.

This is the most high-end apartment in Hanoi that customers choose. Please call us to arrange rent apartment Discovery Complex and rent apartments Keangnam Tower