Advantages of renting Hanoi apartment for a long time

If you’re a backpacker from across the world or an exchange student staying in Hanoi for a several months, it can make sense to rent a house in a short time. However, the business professionals (sometimes with their family) coming here for work assignment may prefer a place to call “home” during their long stay. When referring to long-term lease, duration is often 2 years or longer. Signing a long-term rent contract will benefit more than the short-term one in this case; how more depends on personal preferences and circumstances. Here are some advices by why long term lease contract should be the preferred choice for you.

  • More stability

Long-term contract is perfect for those who desire to firmly locate themselves in a particular area in Hanoi. The option will prevent you the risk of sudden move when the property is sold to another owner or the landlord doesn’t offer renewal term. Imagine that you are a some-month renter in a fully occupied apartment complex, it is definite that your landlord is searching for long-terms tenants. Once they find one, they may not give you a renewal contract but force you to relocate. Going through the hunting cycle frequently causes frustration to busy people since it takes time and money which can be spent on other purposes. Additionally, the more people living with you, the more time consuming and complicated it is to move. It is a small matter if you live alone, but it may not be if you have a family of 4 people.

  • Lower rent rate

Proposing a longer term to your landlord will position you in a strong stand to negotiate for lower rent cost and less yearly rise, especially in a crowded city like Hanoi. If you are a good bargainer, you can ask for unchanged price in a certain period or even the whole contract period. In contrast, most landlords will surely offer you premium rate if your stay is less than 2 years since they have to spend extra money on advertising the apartment on the websites or paying commission fee to agents to find the next renter.

  • Best-laid financial planning in a long time

This is quite practical to those accompanied by their family in the trip to Hanoi. Based on specific price review term in the contract, you are able to forecast your expenses during the next few years. As a result, you might have an idea of how your savings and monthly income will be spent on future plans like giving birth, sending children to school, buying a car, etc. Even when price fluctuation can be affected by market trend, a long-term lease still gives you a clearer picture of your financial plan which is not offered by a short-term one.

  • Flexible negotiation

To long-term tenants, the landlord is more willing to compromise the contract terms. While you show your future engagement to a place, the unit owner is likely to have confidence in your stable affordability which helps them stay away from late payment. They can agree to give very attractive concessions like additional furniture, right to décor the apartment, 1 month free rent, covered utility costs and so on. Even though these privileges are not impossible to short-term renters, they may feel it is hard to succeed in negotiation.

  • Familiarity with the city

If you have intention to live in Hanoi for a long time but still take it into consideration and want to experience first, a long-term rent contract is a good idea. It will help you get used to the area’s living environment without committing to it. Later, if you change your mind and decide to come back hometown, it’s still more convenient than the case of owning a house.

In conclusion, there is a wide range of advantages of a long-term rental from the perspective of both lessor and lessee.  These pros do not indicate that everyone should commit a long-term lease; however, it is critical to understand your current situation and future plan as well as local market. From those rational reasons, you can make a decision whether a longer contract is better for you and your family.

Special features of the Discovery Complex

Possesses good geographic location
Discovery Complex has attracted the market from the strength of its prime location at 302 Cau Giay Street, adjacent to Tran Dang Ninh Street and Chua Ha Street, Discovery Complex has beautiful location in the area. center of Cau Giay district.

The first aerial railway in Hanoi directly connects the 7th Station from various points in the city to the second floor of the commercial center of the building. With convenient transportation, the Discovery Complex can easily connect to a wide range of social infrastructure facilities surrounding the project with just 500m to the US International Hospital and close to a number of hospitals: Hospital E , Hanoi Children’s Hospital, Central Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

3km to Metro supermarket and My Dinh stadium and 3km to Big C supermarket, National Convention Center. The Garden, Keangnam … Near green parks: Nghia Do Park, Yen Hoa Park, Thu Le Park.

Large scale
Discovery Complex with 25 876 m2 of trading center, 93 320 m2 of office space, on a land area of 10 158.5 m2, complex of commercial center – Apartment – Office for lease at 302 bridges. Paper is the highest and largest scale Cau Giay district up to the present time.

The complex consists of 8 floors of commercial center, 45 floors of high-end apartments, 36 floors of offices for lease along with greenery floors and amenities such as: Indoor & outdoor swimming pools, Spa & Massage, Center sports, health care, … Discovery Complex is the place, the ideal living place for dynamic, successful residents.

Full service facility
In order to create a closed life cycle that saves time for residents, it can be said Discovery Complex is a perfect combination because within the project fully integrated the facilities that the residents living here It should be like: 6 basements for parking, 4 large swimming pools,

The floor of the tree combines Cafe View City on the high, shopping center with 8 storeys commercial center of thousands of m2 integrated consumer supermarket, the world famous fashion brand, movie center , high-class entertainment area, swimming pool, sports area … to create an ideal place to bring international level …

Apartment design science
The apartments at Discovery Complex are designed with a variety of different areas ranging from 02 to 04 bedrooms. Intelligent design helps optimize all areas of the apartment to create a spacious living space.

In addition, the apartments are designed with open air, window system to take advantage of natural light to save energy to create a feeling of living space cool, harmony in nature.

Possessing a lot of special features so that although the time has drifted attraction of the apartment to customers has not changed. If you and your family are looking for a place to settle, do not miss this destination. Please contact Alpha Housing for a detailed consultation on the Discovery Complex apartment for rent – quick procedure

Bể bơi

Compare the difference between Discovery Complex and Keangnam Tower

The difference of the high-end apartment rental in Hanoi that customers need attention

Location of the project

Discovery Complex is located at 302 Cau Giay – Dich Vong Ward – Cau Giay District – Hanoi, on Cau Giay Road and Chua Ha Street in the west of Hanoi.

The project is located in a convenient location, where many central offices and administrative offices of Hanoi City are located.

Comparison of utility services

Discovery Complex

Beauty salon
Dining area
Discovery Complex condominium is converging all the most prominent features with the prime location, the building has modern facilities, perfect apartment design friendly with the environment to create a “home” green”. A perfect living space with outstanding facilities to affirm “class & luxurious lifestyle”. Each day with the Discovery Complex is a place for you to enjoy the “Discover the summit of life” and enjoy the full joy every day. Customers of Apartment Discovery Complex Cau Giay to enjoy life full of modern conveniences.

Keangnam Tower

– Sports center with gym, tennis court, badminton court, table tennis, swimming pool, indoor climbing wall.

– Children’s playground and gifted classrooms

– Landscaped gardens, gardens on high

Parkson Shopping, Dining, Luxury Shopping Center on the 1-5 floor of the building

Lotte Cinema at 6th floor

– Hong Ngoc General Hospital at B1 floor

phòng gym Chung cư Mỹ Đình Pearl Thăng Long

So we can see the apartment Discovery Complex building together with Keangnam Building and Lotte Tower Building are known as the 3 giants in Hanoi, with the number of floors of 54, 70 and 65 respectively. This is the construction of TCI Group Kinh Thanh , with the hope of creating “the highlight of Cau Giay district”. With the idea of two towers symbolizing the two candles, the night light spreads, plus the meticulous care, certainly Discovery Complex will be the project attracted much attention from customers as well as gender. invest.

This is the most high-end apartment in Hanoi that customers choose. Please call us to arrange rent apartment Discovery Complex and rent apartments Keangnam Tower

Eye-catching concept of Vinhomes Gardenia’s apartment

Strongly invested from the utility system to the apartment design, the landscape, although launched in early 2016 Vinhomes Gardenia has caused fever in the real estate market.

Vinhomes Gardenia’s apartment is designed in a modern style with open space, the apartment is divided into separate functional space but with flexible connection with each other.

The living room of Vinhomes Gardenia is designed in silver color to create luxurious and delicate space. Wooden floor is the current trend of construction is used by investors to bring a sense of closeness, friendly with nature.

Living room furniture is fully equipped with equipment imported from the world famous brands to provide a living space class. The ceiling air conditioner design meets the standard of maximizing the living space, especially the living room has a balcony, from which guests can enjoy the panoramic view of the city or the view of Ham Nghi street, overlooking the view. The outdoor swimming pool is an impressive artifact like a bloated western blossom with exquisite designs from professional architects.

Picture of living room of Vinhomes Gardenia’s apartment

Master bedroom is the master bedroom, which is also a function room that shows the owner’s personal style and aesthetics. Master bedroom is preferred in terms of area and also owns the most beautiful location of the apartment. The equipment is designed very comfortably, the extra space such as separate dressing area, separate bathroom, a separate relaxation area … especially balcony view the whole project and cover the whole scene. It gives the space to rest properly for the owner.

Picture master bedroom

Small bedroom for girls designed very characteristic, expressing the gentle and romantic. Pink is the main color in the design of this bedroom, the cabinets are designed to bring sophistication and convenience. Especially in the bedroom there is space for learning, entertainment and creative space for the baby.

Pictures bedroom girl

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Good Morning, dull after 2 months thanks to this tip!

Good Morning, dull after 2 months thanks to this tip!

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Contrary to the design of bedroom girls, boys bedroom express the strong, creative deeper. All of the bedrooms in the bedroom show the edge, the color used is also a strange feeling. Boys bedroom is also designed with full of space to bring the most convenience.

Pictures bedroom boys

According to Vietnamese living concept, the kitchen is the most obvious expression of the warmth of the family, so the kitchen is always focused on design investors. In the kitchen of the apartment Vinhomes Gardenia, the furniture is fully equipped with sinks, wardrobes, magnetic kitchen, hood … all imported from the famous furniture. and prestige. Moreover, the kitchen has a lot of space for the homeowners, which few of them have.

Throughout the design style of the apartment in Vinhomes Gardenia is the luxury, sophistication expresses high creativity. The apartments are no longer a simple place to stay, where to rest and reunite after a tiring and stressful working day which is also an ideal destination for family members. Apartment in Vinhomes Gardenia is no longer just a place to live but now has become a place to live, looking forward to every day of the residents.

Model apartment in Vinhomes Gardenia My Dinh is coming out officially. Customers interested or want to visit the contact form to contact us as soon as possible via

Chung cư Đỗ Đức Dục gây sốt thị trường

Goldmark City apartment for rent, modern furniture

Goldmark City is the new apartment is being accepted and put into operation by the owners, there are many apartments for rent with full furniture and furniture for rent. Condominiums have a lot of luxury services to serve the needs of customers life as; Gymnasium, swimming pool, supermarket, restaurant ….

Total living area of this Goldmark City’s Apartment is 121 m2, fully furnished, very modern and bright. The apartment including 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, modern living room combine dinning area with dinning table and 6 chairs. The kitchen is fully equipped. The located on high floor, with European design, many big glass window in each room bring a lot of nature light for apartment. If you finding nice apartment in Cau Giay district, Goldmark City apartment is really good choice for you.

Chung cư Đỗ Đức Dục gây sốt thị trường

Hình ảnh minh họa

Golden imprints of the Goldmark City project

Green space, modern

Located at the heart of the gateway to the west of the capital, in the main axis of National Highway 32, adjacent to four urban districts, Goldmark City is not only a prime location but also attractive by its size as a modern city. dynamic, dynamic.

9 blocks of Goldmark City building with nearly 5,000 apartments, 2.1ha school area, 5-storey commercial center, international school … are arranged in harmony with the surrounding environment creates a space Green relaxation ideal. Surrounding the blocks are flower garden, green park, fountain, children playground, tennis court, soccer field, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, gym, spa, mini golf … Goldmark City is an open space system that blends greenery, sunshine, wind and fresh natural air – a dynamic, modern living space that satisfies the living needs of the residents of the complex. Home of the “class” Goldmark City.

The apartment accommodates the needs of housing with floor area of ​​75 – 173m2 is designed from 2 to 4 bedrooms with modern design to ensure 100% sunshine and wind flow very well for health.

Always accompany customers

Finance – important factors that Goldmark special interest and share, maximum support to customers, especially those who buy houses with the purpose to stay. Instead of choosing to continue to rent for a long time, if the customer has accumulated a sum of money from 5 to 30% of the value of the apartment, and on average can save 12 million dollars per month to pay the principal and interest for 20 years, customers have been “class” apartment.

Bank incentives are built in accordance with the current and future financial status of the client. Specifically, in order to help customers reduce their finances, the Bank will support the interest rate of 4.99% per annum for the first year.

In the future, Maritime Bank customers will be able to repay their debts ahead of schedule, free of charge for the fourth year and up to 95% of the value of the apartment. This is really a special offer for home loan customers.

Maritime Bank, as the main sponsor of the Goldmark City Project, is committed to fulfilling the obligations incurred by the Client and the Owner in connection with buy and sell apartments in the project Goldmark City.

Goldmark City (136 Ho Tung Mau) – is the largest project in the west of Hanoi – gradually formed and bring different values, is an important point in the region.

This project is the perfect choice for customers when renting a Goldmark City apartment


Goldmark City apartment project with the current time the most popular apartment project is the Goldmark City apartment. This project not only owns a prime location in the heart of the city, with a utility system that surpasses any other apartment building that owns the most luxurious apartments in the capital.

So how are the luxury apartments here are designed and how much is the rent now? Let’s take a little time to find out!


Goldmark City Apartment is located at 136 Ho Tung Mau – one of the prime locations of Hanoi Capital, the most dynamic and crowded administrative and economic center of the capital in the future. From the location of the project, just a few tens of minutes drive, residents can easily reach Noi Bai International Airport and exciting destinations, the most beautiful north of the future connected city located very close. Metro 3 Metro Station – the most modern and intelligent transportation system.

Not only are there benefits to the project that residents rent apartments in Goldmark City. There is also the opportunity to experience the luxury facilities and services provided by investors in the apartment to improve the quality of life for everyone.

Specifically: large commercial center; indoor and outdoor playgrounds for children; 4 season swimming pool and outdoor swimming pool; Gym, spa; library….

Especially, the project will bring to its beloved residents a healthy, sustainable and natural environment with the greenery system surrounding the project together with the walking paths, the green garden is the place Ideal for vacation, outdoor parties.


Goldmark City apartments are distributed in 2 blocks A and B with 9 40-storey towers with a total of 5000 apartments with an area of ​​68 – 161m2 with 2 to 4 bedrooms, suitable for demand. the use of the household.

Block A Golmark City consists of four 40-storey towers. Part of the first floor of the three blocks will be used as kindergarten, ensuring the convenience of picking up the children and the peace of mind of the parents. In the remaining block will spend 4 floors to serve commercial and office.

Currently, luxury apartments in the capital are being rented at very high prices. Therefore, many customers worry about the quality apartments for rent Goldmark City

Phòng khách hiện đại sang trọng

Phòng khách hiện đại sang trọng


For rent Ciputra villa. The villa located in Ciputra urban area is one of the modern and most advanced urban area in Tay Ho district. The villa has a land area of 300m2 and a construction area of 600m2 with a large area with large garden surrounding. The villa is designed with 4 large bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a large living room and a modern kitchen area. The apartment is fully furnished with modern equipment, luxurious interior of the villa is designed in bright colors in modern European style.
The villa is located in the Ciputra urban area where there are many luxury services for your needs when An Cu here.
Supermarket, school

Check more here:

Ciputra Mall

Ciputra urban area. Ciputra Mall is located in Nam Thang Long new urban area, Lac Long Quan street, Cau Giay district, Hanoi, northeast of West Lake, about 10 km from downtown.

Ciputra Mall consists of four floors and a basement, considered the largest multi-purpose commercial center in Hanoi, with an area of approximately 130,000 square meters.

Spaces located in the center include a retail area with 1,200 stores, 48 restaurants, cafes and supermarkets with an area of 8,500 square meters, with the appearance of many big names in and outside the country. entertainment. 71,000 m2 garage tunnel. There is also a multiplex cinema center with 12 widescreen screens. Ciputra Mall also has office space for lease, with flexible rental period.

The project is scheduled to be completed by 2010. CBRE Vietnam is the sole agent for the lease.

This is the ideal choice for customers when choosing to rent Ciputra Hanoi. Please contact us for a free consultation and see the apartment.


Highlights of new apartments handed over at Goldmark City

The owner attaches great importance to the quality of building, equips the security system, manages the building smartly and gives people a comfortable life.
TNR Holdings Vietnam – the developer, operator and developer of the Goldmark City project (136 Ho Tung Mau, Bac Tu Liem district, Hanoi) has begun handing over the first Ruby apartment for residents. Everyone from the end of March. This is also one of the projects in the West of Hanoi to finish handing the ground on schedule.

According to the owner’s representative, this time, people have the facilities to make furniture, settle down and choose a new school near the home for children. With an area of ​​12ha, the investor of the Goldmark City project will spend up to two hectares to develop a modern intercollege system within the framework of the project.

Goldmark City is surrounded by a network of high quality schools such as Hanoi International School (Tran Van – Le Duc Tho); Doan Thi Diem Primary School, Foreign Language High School – Hanoi National University, Marie Curie School; Therefore, parents at Goldmark City can safely choose good quality schools and are close to home.

The library space is modern, full of natural light and interactive at the Goldmark City interdisciplinary school.
Owner Dong Thi Minh Phuong, owner of an apartment in the R3 court, said she was satisfied. with the new apartment because the interior finishing process has many advantages. The building has a 5-month moving machine and a dedicated staircase for fire prevention to move quickly, saving time. Each floor of the buildings R1, R2, R3 has only 11 apartments but also six apartments, R4 has 14 lifts.

Construction managers actively control and manage the systems to ensure proper operation. Intelligent building management system allows building management to mobilize back-up generators, water supply and fire prevention systems to work in emergencies, detect hazards. fire extinguishers, communications services of buildings, lighting, lightning protection …

Hawee has manufactured and installed the system at Goldmark City, but also in other high quality projects, “Hawee said. Water supply and drainage systems require an experienced contractor in construction.

TNR is the unit that manages, develops and develops real estate projects beginning with Gold like Goldmark City, The GoldView, GoldSilk and GoldSeason. In addition to the utility system, investors attach great importance to building an educational environment that assures the people.

After the Ruby building, TNR continues to sell the Sapphire apartment of the Goldmark City project. On this occasion, investors have launched many promotions. When choosing a 2 bedroom apartment in the Sapphire area, customers will receive a free 10-year management fee.

Sapphire is a luxury apartment in Goldmark City with apartments designed to maximize sun and wind; Use premium materials such as waterproof glass doors and Eurowindow insulation, minimizing radiation and ultraviolet rays. The owner also has a 3-layer security system of international standard: anti-theft phones, Hafele access cards to ensure the security of each apartment and the whole area.

In addition, residents of Goldmark City can be assured of the quality of their apartments by using Hawee’s intelligent building management system (BMS), control of electromechanical systems and generators. Room, water supply and drainage system
This is a high-class project and ideal for customers who choose to

After the Ruby building, TNR continues to sell the Sapphire apartment of the Goldmark City project. On this occasion, investors have launched many promotions. When choosing a 2 bedroom apartment in the Sapphire area, customers will receive a free 10-year management fee.

Sapphire is a luxury apartment in Goldmark City with apartments designed to maximize sun and wind; Use premium materials such as waterproof glass doors and Eurowindow insulation, minimizing radiation and ultraviolet rays. The owner also has a 3-layer security system of international standard: anti-theft phones, Hafele access cards to ensure the security of each apartment and the whole area.

In addition, residents of Goldmark City can be assured of the quality of their apartments by using Hawee’s intelligent building management system (BMS), control of electromechanical systems and generators. Room, water supply and drainage system
This is a high-class project and ideal for customers who choose to rent Goldmark City